At the heart of the town lies
The Door to a
New Experience
Discover the new balance between
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Delight your senses in the sacred
Valley of the
Scarlet Macaw

Just one block away from the Central Plaza…

…lies Casa Villamil, one of the oldest, most historical, and finest houses in town. It began in the 1900’s as a family house built by Don Rafael Villamil, one of the first settlers of the flourishing town of Copán. He participated in the development of the town’s economic and political life from the beginning of the last century, when the first explorers, archaeologists, and historians began to arrive in increasing numbers seeking to unravel the mysteries of the Mayan civilization through the excavations carried out by the Carnegie Institute in the Acropolis of the Ruins of Copán.
Now, trying to preserve the legacy of Don Rafael, Casa Villamil has been revamped into a delicate boutique hotel. Come and encounter a unique colonial experience with a suitably modern twist and guaranteed comfort.


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